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CEO of The Fairy GoddessMother Agency

The Fairy GoddessMother herself has been in childcare for nearly 20 years and a nanny since 2018 and still proudly wears that title in addition to being a Biological Mom of two and a Bonus Mom of one; all while Co-Parenting with each counterpart. However, Takita has been gaining childcare clients on her own since she was 15 years old while also assisting with her parents with her five younger siblings. Being the eldest, she had experience in diaper changing, bottle-feeding, and babysitting for a few hours so it was pretty much destined for this nurturing spirit to end up in this line of work. Takita's mission for this agency is to help connect as many families as she can with suitable and trustworthy individuals who can help make their village flow better. This inspiration came from many things but mainly due to her appreciating her own village she created for her and her own kids. Thanks to her personal craft, she has been able to find a career she loves and figure out how she could launch a business that could also potentially help others reach their own goals. A lot of people have million dollar ideas but can't manifest them due to their lack of a stable village.



Our bilingual Nanny intern who is currently majoring in Psychology. Mena is fluent in both Spanish and English which has been a huge help in expanding our reach to multiple communities looking for assistance in customizing their personal Village. 

"I believe in Takita's vision for The Fairy GoddessMother Agency because she is the most dedicated, responsible, and trust-worthy person I know. Her love for children and their growth is a gift that I can't describe in words. You just have to witness it for yourself."

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